I Fought The Law

Art by Koraru-San


Gunfights, hackers, car chases, THE Bad guys (and gal), and the ZPD racing after them all. Alex Boehm releases an ultra fast paced sugar rush of a crime caper, pushing the accelerator up to 11 from start to finish and never letting up. Featuring two fan favourite furry dynamic duos and a few characters borrowed from our own fandom too, you’re gonna want to buckle up and pull your shades down for this one. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Alex Boehm

Description : “Downtown Zootopia. Armored vans full of cash are hijacked by a well-equipped gang of thieves. Including high profile criminals Mr.Wolf and Diane Foxington. The ZPD races to stop the criminals and prevent the robbery, with decorated officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps going straight into the fray. Will the thieves get away with the loot? Or will the ZPD put them behind bars?”

I Fought The Law

Additional Tags: “Breaking rocks in the, hot sun! I fought the law and the, the law won!