Story: Almost Vanished

Art by sondreadful

[Mature][Fluff and Angst][Drama]

A new year has come, but old scores need to be settled. Prince Solaris brought us the angst filled drama of Corrective Measures, the unique yet refreshing new direction of Bad Vibrations, and now the end-all show down in the third part of his saga, Almost Vanished. While Nick, hurt and broken, tries to piece back together his life, struggling to deal with what he suffered through all the way, Jack Savage races off to find redemption for his own sins, hoping to bring an end to the monster who duped them both. Excellently angsty and drama filled as always, this fic is not one to be missed. -OH_Shoot

Author: Prince Solaris

Description : “”Nick returned home in far worse condition than anyone could have predicted, and the moment he pulled in the driveway, he made it clear to whom the blame fell. Now, with those memories still fresh in his mind, the tod must readjust to living in Bunnyburrow, even if it means believing danger lurks around every corner. Thankfully, he’s got Judy by his side to help him on his road to recovery.

Meanwhile, Jack’s got one thing on his mind: revenge. With Nick home and out of harm’s way, he puts his plan into motion, one that sees him dive head first into a world he never thought he’d find himself in, and one that uncovers many more secrets about the sheep he once considered his friend.””

Almost Vanished

Additional Tags: “Put out the fire and don’t look past my shoulder.”