Story: The Sisters Hopps

[Rating M][Drama][Action]

“It seems a long time since Zootopia was released, and indeed a long time since the golden age of fanfiction, where giant ongoing epic stories were one and a plenty. So it warms my heart that years later, new authors are still going in and picking up the mantle, as shown my Creative Spirit and his giant, epically scoped yet at the same time excellently detailed fic. From filling in all the hurried actions right after Bellwether’s arrest, creating a whole new bunch of interactions Nick and Judy had between the press conference and bridge scene, to sowing the seeds of a grand conspiracy, starting off in a far away land, there is little this fic doesn’t want to do and nothing it does badly. From emotive scenes, clever hustles, action packed military and police operations, to whole new characters and new details on old, this fic is an excellent read for anyone needing a grand new saga to dig into. -OH_Shoot”

Author: Creativespirit0163

Description :
“In the stories of mammalian history there are many threads that weave one life to another. Though trivial they may seem, if pulled from the tapestry the tear would rip the fabric of history. In the present era so many lives have been touched by such small threads as these. So many stories woven together by a common seamstress who bore three daughters— very uncommon daughters. As mammal species go they are among the least consequential but due to their strength, tenacity, boundless spirit for adventure and love of righteousness, love of life, and love of family — their touch on the tapestry of so many lives would forever be sown into history.

This is not uniquely their own story but also how their story sewn into the story of mammals they have touched have changed forever. In the tapestry of time there is evidence of patches and tears sown together. Ripples so traumatizing. Yet even in the repair the woven thread becomes part of the beauty and strength of the entire story of the tapestry around it. This is such a time, and such a story. A thread that binds… a story that had to be told… the story of the Sisters Hopps… Drama, Humor, and of course Love… there has to be love.”

The Sisters Hopps

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