Story: Thicker than Water

Art by Anothercolouranon

[Rating M16][Friendship] [Hurt/Comfort]

Sometimes, the best things are the most familiar, done right and with a slight twist to spice them up. And this is a story that proves that in spades. Kithood/ tween AU with the fantastic foursome of Jack, Skye, Nick and Judy? Visiting each other and dealing with regular and angst and drama plus all sorts on top of that? Friendships, sibling relations, drama, emotions and laughs? This first entry in Cr1ms0nD1am0nd’s AU series offers all of those done to perfection, with raw heart, enthusiasm and authenticity (not least in the colourful language) seeping into the text. Certainly a story worthy of checking out. -OH_Shoot

Author: Cr1ms0nD1am0nd

Description :
There are two constants in life: change and decisions.

Two kits just went through a life changing moment; one kit is trying to stand by the plans they made for their future; one kit is trying to decide what their future plans are going to be.

All four of them have their own struggles, with no one they can turn to for help and support.

Until they find each other.

Thicker Than Water
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