Story: Torment & Tenderness

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[Rating M16][Angst][Hurt/Comfort]

If there’s one good thing to come from ‘The comic that shall NOT be named’, it’s how many authors have chosen to reverse-uno card the premise and take on their own vision of the premise… But none are quite as creative as Creative Spirit’s tale of twists, turns, deception, intrigue, medical and police procedures and one heck of a conspiracy, all with a powerful resolution. You may figure out where this story is going to end up early on, but you most certainly won’t guess where it goes to get there.

A great new take on the premise, and a fantastic read. -OH Shoot

Author: Creativespirit0163

Description :
Six years after Nick Wilde leaves the ZPD to start fresh and to hopefully get over losing who he thought would be his life-mate, she comes looking for him.

Six years after Judy makes a heartfelt choice that forces Nick from her life, she learns his location and forces Fin and Benjamin Clawhouser to take her on a 14 hour drive to go find the fox she once loved so she can apologize to him. Unfortunately, he does not want anything to do with the rabbit. His life has become focused on raising his new daughter as a single father and seeing the rabbit that tore his heart out for a second time once again was not something he ever wanted to have happen… not now… not ever.

Destiny has other plans as Nick’s hybrid young daughter Nicole’s health forces Nick back to Zootopia and the ZPD so Nicole can get the lifelong therapeutic treatment that may save her life.

Torment & Tenderness

Additional Tags: Don’t Hopps to conclusions.