Story: A Weekend in the City

Art by Hareluca

[Rating M16][Friendship] [Hurt/Comfort]

They’re been to Bunnyburrow in ‘Thicker than Water’, now for the second part of the Days of our Youth saga, where the bunnies go to the big city. Only, there something slightly wrong going on, which will soon tear apart into a potent angst filled drama landing on one character in particular. A solid story, that really brings on a new take to Skye, and those family and friends around her.

Author: Cr1ms0nD1am0nd

Description :
It’s been three months since Nick and Skye first met Jack and Judy, so when the two bunnies suddenly show up in the city for a fun weekend romp, everything’s looking great. Shame they showed up when it’s a bad time to be Skylar Wilde. (DoOY Part 2)

A Weekend in the City
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