Story: Isolated, Together

Art by Shushik

[Rating M][Comfort][Love]

What a timely story! We take the current events of today’s world, and reimagine them in the world of Zootopia. The feelings are nailed, and I absolutely loved how our essential workers are portrayed. They are worried and have fears just like us, however they take their job to keep us safe seriously, and that is exactly the kind of cops you would expect Nick and Judy to be. This is a great little read, however this one is less of a distraction from real life and more a reflection of it. ~GorganCM

Author: BallofKarn1

Description :
With a pandemic tearing through Zootopia, Judy has a bit of a breakdown. Luckily, Nick is there to provide comfort.

Isolated, Together

Additional Tags: “Being brave means being scared but doing what you need to anyway.”


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