Story: High Stakes

Art by SummerBunny2112

[Mature][Magic][Fluff and Angst]

Supernatural forces threaten the city. Nick Wilde, Zootopia´s only wizard must face new challenges. But this time it’s not just a battle followed by tons of ZPD paperwork, this time it’s about more for Nick. Besides great magical action and a new ZPD case, Lord Kraus also brought us lovely and emotional moments between our red fox and his bunny family. The recommendation of the day, let the wonderful magic seduce you into the adventure of High Stakes. ~Dusty

Author: LordKraus

Description :
“Something or someone has started to stir up the supernatural community and with it the ties Nick Wilde (Zootopia’s only wizard) has forged shall be tested. Now with a pending marriage, a daughter and an apprentice the stakes for Nick have never been higher.”

High Stakes

Additional Tags: “Please contact your local wizard for additional information about magical creatures.”