Story: How do you Define Family?


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Some stories just warm your heart, others rip it with sadness, and some manage to do both. One bunny has his life all planned out and ready to go, with his eyes on adopting from an orphanage. But when he starts trying to help out a disabled fox kit, things start developing in a way he didn’t expect, and will soon be turbocharged along faster than he could possibly imagine. An adorable tale that pulls on the heartstrings, and a fantastic read. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Lidhogg

Description :
It is a story about a bunny who had a perfect plan for his life. He knew what he wanted and who he was. However life had different plans for him. He ended up taking care of a handicapped fox kit while learning more about himself and the world around him during a savage crisis.

How do you Define Family?
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