Story: For Art’s Sake

Art by Vant


Warning, NOT for the faint hearted. Art takes many forms. Crime can come from passion. But the duo of Pandora and Ubernomer seem to have paired these two into a very dark and enthralling little whodunnit. With a killer who creatively displays their victims, an unscrupulous journalist, a nervous artist and a helpful criminologist who may ring a lot of pop culture bells, you’ll be left racing through this excellent little Zoodunnit. An excellent and perfectly formed little crime story. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Pandora and Ubernoner

Description :
A murder outside of The Palm Hotel rocks the city’s art scene, the body arranged to resemble artwork painted by a local artist of little renown. When more of these grim sculptures begin popping up around Zootopia, it’s up to Detectives Hopps and Wilde to track down the serial killer dubbed The Artiste before someone else dies for their art.

For Art’s Sake
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  1. Not for the easily made squeamish, but a fantastically written story (as anything involving Pandora usually is) and still some decent humor even in spite of the dark topic.
    I’m sure the recent trolls about will have something crappy to say anyway though…

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