Story: Calling All Skeletons

Art by Foxefuel

[Rating M16][Friendship][Hurt/Comfort]

And now we got to the next part of the ‘Days of our Youth’ series. The third big entry, and after Skye took the spotlight last time, now it’s her stripey-faced cut-character bunny partner who steps in to have a drama filled story of his own. Stepping out, learning more about who he is and what he wants, a fun story that balances high levels of angst with the funny and nostalgic elements that anyone growing up a teenager in the twenty-tens might enjoy remembering, a solid third entry to the saga. -OH_Shoot

Author: Cr1ms0nD1am0nd

Description :
“Jack is no stranger to change. His life changed when he started to live with his cousins; his life changed when he picked up the guitar; his life changed when he met two certain foxes from the city. Change is not new to him. Doesn’t make it any less scary, though…”

Calling All Skeletons
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  1. you’ve got me grinning from ear to ear with this one! I was a huge fan of Skye’s story, and the idea of diving into stripe-faced bunny’s world has me hyped. The only way to win in house of hazards is to outscore your opponents.

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