Story: Bad Vibrations

Art by Relaxable

[Mature][Fluff and Angst][Hurt and Comfort]

Last year, Prince Solaris burst onto the scene with (in my view) the best ‘Nick goes to Bunnyburrow’ fics out there, Corrective Measures. And now he’s back with the sequel, and firing on all cylinders with the same simmering emotions, lonesome prose, and thick atmosphere of the original. Picking up where we last left off, anyone who loved the original will most certainly be happy with this one. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Prince Solaris

Description : Unable to escape his past, Nick abandons his new home and returns to the place he truly belongs: Zootopia. The city hasn’t changed much since his departure, and he confidently steps back into his old life with plans to make it on his own

Meanwhile, Rolling Acres Secondary and the rest of Bunnyburrow deal with his sudden disappearance.

Bad Vibrations

Additional Tags: Back home in the big Z, The winds of change are blowing wild and free.


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