Video: The Ultimate Zootopia Recap Cartoon (By Cas van de Pol) (Mature Content Warning)


Let’s face it, as much as we all love Zootopia, we don’t always have the time to give it a solid viewing in this crazy on-the-go world. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen the film and need a refresher. Or maybe you just want to get a feel for the how movie went in a nice quick package. In that case, it’s best to settle with a good old recap. But do you know what’s even better than a regular recap though? An over-the-top parody recap that manages to sum up the movie just right while still finding all sorts of creative ways to poke fun at the source material.

Lucky for you, Cas van de Pol has released a short and sweet animated flick of a summary of the film that manages to poke fun and generate gags in all the right places. Please be wary, however, as this short has material that is not appropriate for younger audiences. Still, the animation is good and the gags make it worth a watch even if you’ve seen the film Makes the jokes that much easier to understand. Give the recap a watch below or over on YouTube and let us know what you think.

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  1. It contains a pretty good send up reference to ‘The Slap’ comic. But seriously don’t let your kids see it.

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