OC Albums Vanya

Story: OC Albums: Vanya

Art by KungFuFreak07 [Rating K9][Drama][Crime][OC] A side-prequel if you will to Omnitrix’s main fic, ‘Something Stinks,’ this fanfiction gives a look into the past and exploits of foxy antagonist Vanya. Every villain has their origin story, and this arctic fox […]

A One Side Love or...Not

Story: A One Side Love or…Not?

Art by lillayfran [Rating K9][Romance][Friendship][Fluff][One-shot] Another little WildeHopps one-shot, only in this case it’s a certain bunny wanting to confess how she feels. How might she do it? Check out this short and fluffy one-shot to find out. ~OH_Shoot Author: […]

Foxes in the Burrow

Story: Foxes in the Burrow

Art by mistermead [Rating K9][Fluff][Romance][OC][AU] Do you want some high-school-setting cuteness, fluff, and maybe a potential romance that (while not WildeHopps) is interesting, different, and totally, totally adorable? Well, with Exewon having teenager Nick pack his bags and move out […]


Story: Alternatives

Art by MoLa [Rating K9][Romance][Family][One-shot] Commissioned by Bug and written by Cimar, this fluffy one-shot is a sweet little dose of WildeHopps family cuteness. Perfect for giving you a warm smile on a dull day. Nothing out of the ordinary […]

Time Out Time In

Story: Time Out, Time In

Art by anonymouslaser [Rating K9][Romance][Slice of Life][Fluff][Complete] This short but sweet little bit of fluff may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to giving you something soothing for these harsh winter days. Nick and Judy are both […]

The Magpie's Gift

Story: The Magpie’s Gift

Art by chigico_u [Rating K9][Fluff][Holidays][One-shot] Acquiring Christmas gifts for friends and family can be a stressful experience – deciding what’s best for who, figuring out what’s in your budget or not, so on and so forth… Here, Judy finds all […]

Christmas Carols

Story: Christmas Carols

Art by Battouga-Sharingan [Rating K9][Friendship][Drama][Holidays] It’s Christmas time! Are you looking for fluff? Are you searching for a bit of that wonderful Christmas magic? Love Christmas music? Well then, this fic is just for you! Filled with delightful stories based […]


Story: Omnivorous

Art by TBC [Rating K9][Slice of Life][Humor][One-shot] Bug_53 has already experimented with carnivorous rabbits before (see his other awesome fic ‘Hunger’), but here he serves up a more lighthearted, more down-to-earth approach to that concept that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. […]

It's a Date Temp

Story: It’s a Date

by Jsayra [K9][Romance][WildeHopps][Fluff] There’s always a little awkwardness to be had on the first date, and for Jsayra’s take on WildeHopps, our favourite duo are no exception. Read on for a quick glimpse into Judy and Nick’s life as they […]

Collars do exist. But this isn't a fox must suffer story. (At the moment...)

Story: Under the Sons

by usernamesweretaken [K+][Sci-Fi][Military Drama][Intrigue] It’s Zistopia, in spaaaaacceeee!!!! Usernamesweretaken takes a familiar premise and uses it to create a unique story a long time in the future in a galaxy as close as you can get. Nick and Judy are spaceship […]


Story: Fox Dens & Rabbit Trails: Rendez-Bleu

(Photo Provided By Writer) [Humor][Friendship][Series][K-9] By: Omnitrix 12 The latest in Omnitrix 12’s Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails series, Rendez-Bleu deepens the story of Nick and Judy in the FDRT world, plus a pair of OCs, Nick’s girlfriend Taelia and […]


Story: Flowers

Art by JohnMigle [Rating K9][Fluff][Humor][One-shot] If there’s one thing everyone seems to agree on, it’s the fact that the ZPD definitely has a betting pool on when and if Nick and Judy will date. In another such scenario, we find […]


Story: 618 Baobab Boulevard

Art by Alliizoo [Rating K9][Crime][Drama][One-shot] A concise police procedural that follows our intrepid duo as they thwart the work of a covert financial fraudster in Zootopia and try to bring him to justice in the court of law. The characterizations […]


Story: Strength of a Bear

[Hurt/Comfort][Slice of Life][K-9][Incomplete] By: Ubermunchkin Set within the world of Zootopia but largely telling the story of OCs, Strength of a Bear is nonetheless a worthwhile addition to the Zootopia canon for any fan of the film and the community […]


Story: A Feast for Fools

Art: doraemonbasil [Humor][April Fools’][K-9][One-Shot] By: Pandora (paperclipbutterfly) Nick Wilde’s a prankster. I know that, you know that, Judy Hopps especially knows that. Which is why she’s about to give him a taste of his medicine this April Fools’ Day, and […]


Story: Appointments

Artwork: Red-Velvet-Panda [Friendship][Fluff][Academy][One-Shot][k-9] We’re back with more fluff! Another happy slice of life one shot from YFWE, this time looking at the time while Nick was at the academy. As always, the characters and their banter is a complete match […]


Story: Bunny and the Beast

Artwork: Guest on FFnet (provided by author)   [Romance][Humor][Crossover][K-9][Complete] By: ZooCross0vers Are you all Disney remake-d out yet? If not, you’re gonna wanna check of “Bunny and the Beast,” a retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” with… wait for it… […]


Story: Chamomile

Art by noodle-licious [Fluff][Date][Pre-Romance][K-9] Sometimes you just need fluff. That is exactly what is delivered in spades in this wonderfully written story. Making use of an internal conflict, we are able to see a growth in their relationship, as well […]


Story: Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Santa Clawed

[Rating K9][Humor][Holiday][Incomplete] A great follow-up story to the previous featured “Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Christmas in Bunnyburrow”, we now find Nick back into the midst of Judy’s hometown, this time undercover as the good ol’ jolly Santa and assigned […]


Story: The Celestials

[Rating K9][Supernatural][Spiritual][Complete] Soulbound: a connection between two fated individuals that are drawn inadvertently towards one another. While this description seems to be one that is fitting to our main heroes Nick and Judy, they are not the complete focus of […]


Story: Excuses

Art by Frava8 [Rating K9][Fluff][Romance][Friendship][One-shot] A short but fun fluff piece, one that does a beautiful job showcasing a bit of the in-sync verbal sparring we all know Nick and Judy participate in on a daily basis. The author does […]


Story: Trustworthy

Art by Anto-Z [Rating K9][Friendship][Humor][One-shot] An unexpected sighting on her day off has Judy wondering if Nick is reverting back to his old ways, or is there more to it than that? I won’t give away what the surprise is, […]