Story: OC Albums: Vanya

Art by KungFuFreak07

[Rating K9][Drama][Crime][OC]

A side-prequel if you will to Omnitrix’s main fic, ‘Something Stinks,’ this fanfiction gives a look into the past and exploits of foxy antagonist Vanya. Every villain has their origin story, and this arctic fox is no exception. Starting off with high-wire acts and excitement, how long will it take a certain precocious kit to break bad, and how much fun will she have along the way? ~OH_Shoot

Author: Omnitrix 12

Description :
How did a once-innocent child turn into a ruthless criminal who would do anything to get whatever and whoever her black heart wished? How did a girl who once just wanted love turn into a man-killer in every sense of the phrase? What shady twists of fate brought her into contact with Mr. Big… and Nick Wilde?

OC Albums: Vanya
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