Story: My Hero

Art by HyenaTig

[General Audiences][Friendship][Suspense]

It’s the night before halloween, and all across the city mammals are getting their costumes ready for the big night. After all, trick or treating is spookiness covered in loads and loads of sweetness. But in this fic, amongst the happiness and friendship of a special night, something very odd is going on… An excellently executed halloween fic that balances the light and dark, and sticks with you once you’ve finished. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Dancou Maryuu

Description : While out trick-or-treating, Ian and Carla Fangmeyer and their friends make a new acquaintance, and set about searching for her family. While searching, they find themselves discussing what exactly makes a hero, and unwittingly take a journey into Zootopia’s past…

My Hero
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Additional Tags: Trick of the mind? Treat for the lost? Or something else entirely?

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