Story: And to Think That it Happened on Snow Flurry Street

Art by EzequilBR

[General Audience][Humour][Action]

“One does not simply patrol on Snow Flurry Street. Its playgrounds are guarded by more than just kits. There is mischief there that does not nap, and the children are ever scheming. It’s an exposed shooting gallery, riddled with igloos, snow trenches and ice walls. The very air you breathe is filled with snowballs. Anyway, enjoy your assignment Wilde and Hopps!

Or how Nick and Judy get into one heck of a snowball fight, in a truly fun and silly fic it’s impossible not to recommend.” -OH_Shoot

Author: Pandora and Kora_Cottontail

Description : “Bogo’s assignment for Officers Hopps and Wilde takes their patrol route through the streets of Tundratown, where the fish is fresh, the sidewalks are slick, and the neighborhood children don’t like cops. When the usual game of Razz the Fuzz gets out of hand, it’s up to Nick and Judy to bring order back to the playground before it winds up costing them more than their dignity.”

And to Think That it Happened on Snow Flurry Street

Additional Tags: “Of course, you know, THIS means war!”