Story: One-Shots Collection

Art by Giftheck

[Rating K9][Drama One-Shots]

Being the fic admin and running the update posts, one thing I never expected to see was a fic no-one had reviewed pop up on our email list, yet there Giftheck’s One-shot fic did! Turns out, a long time ago, we did review a single oneshot, Time to Face Up. One and done, right? WRONG! Relaunched as the first in a oneshot series, other stories fill in little bits and pieces through the world of Zootopia, sharing new light on existing characters and filling in the gaps in some very interesting ways. With neat art and good stories from a talented author, it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. Who knows what new story might come next.

Author: Giftheck

Description :
“A series of one-shots inspired by and taking place in the world of Zootopia. During the Savage Mammals crisis, Nick tries to find Judy after being guilted into it by Finnick – only to find Judy has resigned.”

One-Shot Collection

Additional Tags: One Shot? Two Shot, Pred fics, New Bits!


  1. Maybe we’ll get a glimpse into Nick’s past, Judy’s early days on the force, or even supporting characters like Clawhauser, Traffic Jam 3D or Finnick getting their moment in the spotlight.

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