Story: Foxes in the Burrow

Art by mistermead

[Rating K9][Fluff][Romance][OC][AU]

Do you want some high-school-setting cuteness, fluff, and maybe a potential romance that (while not WildeHopps) is interesting, different, and totally, totally adorable? Well, with Exewon having teenager Nick pack his bags and move out to Bunnyburrow, that’s exactly what you’ll get. ‘Foxes in the Burrow’ is a sweet, warm, and thoroughly enjoyable AU that is certainly worth checking out. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Exewon

Description :
With her son on the edge of falling into criminality, mounting bills and a completely and utterly stagnant wage, Angela Wilde decides that enough is enough and that the time has come to move on so her son can have a better life then the one she’s giving him right now. Bunnyburrow might not be perfect, with its scores of racist bunnies and with anti-fox branded repellant being sold in every gas station. But it’ll have to do and at least there are fellow predators and bug farmers around to help them through it all.

Foxes in the Burrow

Additional Tags: Frick? Neya? Will they make Togs or Fogers?

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