Story: Substitute Cheerleader

Art by Giftheck

[Rating K9][Humour][Friendship]

‘Take the Cheerleader elective in gym they said.’

‘It’ll be fun they said.’

‘It’ll never come back to bite you in the bunny-butt when you’re a successful Police Officer’ -They DIDN’T say, so Judy’s got no room to complain here. After being subbed into being a big game cheerleader against her choice Judy must grin and bear it. Okay, maybe not grin… But maybe not bear it either! A funny little story, where it’s the Buns turn to suffer!

Author: SkulShurtugalTCG

Description :
Judy Hopps is asked to volunteer to be a cheerleader for the Podunk Playmates. She is not looking forward to it–especially with Nick at her side, ready to tease her all the way to the end.

Substitute Cheerleader
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Additional Tags: Warning: Over eager vulpine teasing may result in pom-pom insertion in unusual places.