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[Rating K9][Family][Friendship]

Another backstory mini-story for Something Stinks, in this case featuring singer vixen Taelia Fangaster. Stories from yesteryears that held define her, for better or for worse. Drama, scares, life lessons. For fans of the main series, certainly an interesting read. -OH_Shoot

Author: Omnitrix_12

Description :
“Since I started writing Zootopia fan fiction, my OC Taelia has generated by far the most interest of any of my characters (and believe me, I’ve got my share). So who is she? What’s her story? From childhood lessons to high school attacks to college gigs to (perhaps) meeting the fox and bunny who would change her life, this is the story of Taelia Fangaster.”

OC Albums: Taelia Fangaster
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Additional Tags: So this is how a Fangastar is born!


  1. Nice to see this get featured. 🙂
    Small correction: Taelia isn’t a singer by trade (though she does it privately and in church). She’s a sound technician. But it’s an easy mistake to make.

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