Story: The Weather! Brought to You by Speckle

Art by RoseAnon

[Rating K9][Humor][Friendship][Comedy][Slice of Life][OC]

It’s always a treat when a fic looks at the lives of others in Zootopia, as well as what it’s like to be a unique mammal. This fic is certainly something, taking you into the driving seat of rat drone pilot Speckle, with dreams of working for the city climate industry! From wacky and quite disturbing training videos to an oddball selection of co-workers, he’s got a lot to get through before he can make his dream come true. A fun and quirky fic, this is perfect for someone looking for lighthearted silliness with just the right amount of dark humor in the background. ~OH_Shoot

Author: CarrierofHeartbreak

Description :
Zootopia is a city with many different animals who needs varying environments to live in. The climate control teams are hard at work, making sure that it rains, snows, and shines at all times so that everyone else can live comfortably. Whether it’s a simple problem, like a broken sprinkler in the Rainforest District, or a much larger problem involving one of the climate walls, the mammals at Creature Comforts will stop at nothing to keep your snow white and your sunshine bright! Speckle is one such mammal. He’s a little rat with hopes of representing rodents everywhere, and he’s got his own custom line of drones that will help him on his way to proving to everyone that even the little guys can make a big difference!

The Weather! Brought to You by Speckle
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  1. Just a heads up, I didn’t make the cover art.
    It was a commission done by RoseAnon (@RoseAnon4) on Twitter.

  2. I was hoping this was announcing an update . I’ve been following it since the beginning.

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