Story: The Vexey Side

Art by birb-o-fluff

[General Audiences][Hurt/Comfort][Family]

If fans fiction is fanfiction, is fans fiction of fanfiction fanfictionfiction? Regardless, this beautifully written story takes characters from Berserkers Born to be Written series (specifically Born to be Drabbles) and gives them an inordinate amount of love. From a tragic villain and some faceless mooks in one universe, to deep 3D characters with hopes and dreams and love in their hearts in another. If this is not the spirit of Fanfiction, then what is? ~OH_Shoot

Author: Maxojir

Description :
“Based on the work of Berserker88
A different Zootopia, a different Vexey, a different life. But the same
three Corsac brothers? Who knows, perhaps “”guarding”” a claw & fur salon
will provide a more fulfilling life than their prior occupations. It’s
certainly a safer line of work at least. And maybe there’s more to be found
here than just a new lease on employment?”

The Vexey Side

Additional Tags: Mooks have souls too! Hey, want any toast?