Story: Foundations Fire

Art by Hawktooth


In Zootopia, anyone can be anything. But as we all know, even Zootopia has a dark and evil side. A huge menace is rising from the underground of our beloved urban jungle. What are the gangs of the city planning? Who is the mastermind? So many questions and only a few clues to follow, it´s a race against time. Action packed detective work of Nick and Judy, gang activities in the underground and a murder case in Bunnyburrow. For how these dangerous situation will end, you´ll just have to read it for your self. -Dusty

Author: Hawktooth

Description :
“Sequel to Closed Doors. Normality returned (as normal as it could be at least), life had settled, and things were moving smoothly again. Nick and Judy back to being just cops, dealing with new domestic challenges and the trials of living with the eccentric friends they’ve made, getting under Bogo’s skin… the usual. Embron had warned them though: one battle may be won, but the war never ends. Old enemies are waiting in the wings, new secrets carry with them disturbing consequences, and while they were once fighting to save themselves and society, now the fox and rabbit duo have so much more to lose…”

Foundation’s Fire

Additional Tags: “Fox, rabbit, wolf and tiger. One of the best tactical police team combinations.”