Story: Sleeping Arrangements

Art by DantesLunte

[General Audiences][Fluff]

Arranging sleeping accommodations can be an onerous thing. What can be even more onerous is when the person you’re sleeping next to is not only a heavier sleeper than you are, but is somehow capable of distracting you in their sleep. You’d think snoring would be the main culprit here, but an unconscious Nick shows Judy that there’s more than one way to give a bunny insomnia. ~Metro

Author: Pandora and Pilgrim

Description :
Judy and Nick come back to the station after a long sting, opting to use the off-duty sleeping area rather than trek home after a day of no rest. As it would seem, however, Nick is a little more active in his sleep than Judy could have expected. Seriously… how is there only one bed??

Sleeping Arrangements

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