Story: The Three Rules for Foxes

Art by The Wyverns Weaver

[General Audiences][Fantasy][Romance]

Every young bunny was warned never to trust a fox and that there are certain rules to obey if they would have to deal with them. The Three Rules for Foxes follows the young Judy Hopps on her adventure through an unknown world, where she meets her first fox. It doesn’t take too long until she realizes, that she is dealing with even more magic than anyone has ever told her. Will Judy be able to control the situation and discover more about these mythical creatures? ~Dusty

Author: She Dies at the end.

Description :
“In the quiet hamlet of Bunnyburrow, foxes are spoken of with the same breath as kelpies and unicorns. But when her father falls deathly ill, the young bunny Judy Hopps reaches out to their local fox to recruit his help. She needs only to remember the three simple rules when dealing with foxes or she might end up trading more than what she bargained for.”

The Three Rules for Foxes

Additional Tags: “Rules were made to be broken.”