Story: Judy’s Tundratown Christmas

Art by Terry_Grimm

[General Audiences][Fluff][Humour][Christmas]

It’s Christmastime and Judy can’t go home. Thankfully a certain fox is there to help her Christmas Eve be merry despite it all. This fic is as fluffy as freshly falling snow with an ending as sweet as candy canes ~Tonakuma

Author: Slyly1993

Description :
“Its Judy’s first Christmas in Zootopia, and she’s all alone. With no way to
get to her family on such an important holiday, she’s fearing a long lonely
holiday night with no one to be with.
Well, that’s what she’s planning anyway. Nick has a better idea to make it
a night worth remembering.”

Judy’s Tundratown Christmas

Additional Tags: Never doubt how much emotional impact colours can have :3