Story: OC Albums: Olivia D Poisson

Art by Fairytales artist

[Rating K+][Drama][Fantasy]

“Another short character prequel for something stinks, this short story by Omnitrix covers the backstory of a certain skunk and how she became head of the biggest perfume company in Zootopia. A heartwarming story of rising above society and the odds, or a dark prequel of how dark ambition can first germinate. Either way, short and sweet and worth a read. ~OH_Shoot”

Author: Omnitrix 12

Description :
“Today, she is one of the most widely-known businessmammals in Zootopia. Financier of startups, advocate of mustelids, frequent headliner of tabloids, and both ultimate shield and sword against anyone who gets in her way. But what was this shady skunk like once upon a time?”

OC Albums: Olivia D Poisson

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Additional Tags: “Uptown skunks with the sweet scent of success”