Story: A One Side Love or…Not?

Art by lillayfran

[Rating K9][Romance][Friendship][Fluff][One-shot]

Another little WildeHopps one-shot, only in this case it’s a certain bunny wanting to confess how she feels. How might she do it? Check out this short and fluffy one-shot to find out. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Jsayra

Description :
Judy begins to have strong feelings for a certain fox. After the Gazelle concert ends, Nick asks Judy if she wants to go get something to eat at a restaurant that he knows is open at dawn. In the restaurant, Judy begins to tell a story, so she can tell Nick what she feels without being direct.

A One Side Love or…Not?
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Additional Tags: There are two wolves inside of you; this isn’t going where you think it is.