Story: The Bubble Bandits

Art by alp_RIK

[General Audience][Humour][Police_work]

Stop there criminal soap scum! The ZPD has seen a lot in its time, but when a bunch of thieves use a uniquely creative cover to get away squeaky clean, it’s up to them to work out who is behind it, and get them before they can cause more damage. All while the bad guys think they’ve found the perfect crime… -Though their bubble might get burst sooner than they imagined. A unique pun filled little story, well worth the read. -OH_Shoot

Author: Pandora and Dangeresque_On_Ice

Description : One hot summer’s day, the retail shops around the Palm Hotel and Casino get robbed blind, the bandits disappearing in a smokescreen of… bubbles? Officers Hopps and Wilde are on the case to sus out who these thieves are and how to catch them before they strike again”

The Bubble Bandits

Additional Tags: “Bubble bubble, toil and trouble!”

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