Sing About Me

Story: Sing About Me

Art by Alicorn Airport [Mature][Crime][Drama] There’s plenty to say about the mammals of Zootopia. But what of more cold-blooded animals? Richard Letterman endeavours to answer this by covering the ordeals of monitor lizard Akachi Mamba as he contends with Zootopia’s […]

We Never Walk Alone

Story: We Never Walk Alone

Art by Francesca-ictbs [Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Romance] What’s cuter than WildeHopps? Young Wilde and Hopps! Nick and Judy meeting as kits is always a rich source of fluff and cuteness, and United Pizza’s story certainly delivers the goods here (with an honourable […]

Sleeping Arrangements

Story: Sleeping Arrangements

Art by DantesLunte [General Audiences][Fluff] Arranging sleeping accommodations can be an onerous thing. What can be even more onerous is when the person you’re sleeping next to is not only a heavier sleeper than you are, but is somehow capable […]

Zootopia Origins

Story: Zootopia Origins

Art by Technical Error [Mature][Adventure] What is the past of Zootopia, where did the mammals rise up from, who’s belief is right, who’s is wrong, who keeps down those ideas that they hate and who is willing to do terrible […]

Ready or Not

Story: Ready or Not

Art by Boney [Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Romance][Fluff/angst] Sometimes, life isn’t easy, especially if you’re a cop. Ready or Not follows Nick and Judy as they struggle to come to terms with the aftereffects of a mission gone wrong. But as wounds heal, […]

Demon's Reach Semi Automagical

Story: Demon’s Reach

Art by Summer Bunny [AU][Urban Fantasy][Supernatural][Fusion (Dresden Files)] The first entry in LordKraus’ Wilde Files series, Demon’s Reach offers an interesting take on our favorite city/characters that’s both familiar and different. For one, it’s urban fantasy, and Nick Wilde’s a […]

Never mistake motion for action

Story: Never Mistake Motion for Action

Art by 123_monooki [General Audiences][Hurt/Comfort] Even the best of relationships can have their miscommunications. Those prove to be the biggest obstacle Judy faces when she decides Nick’s had enough of society looking down its muzzle at him. ~Metro Author: lolwhythough […]

Judy's Tundratown Christmas

Story: Judy’s Tundratown Christmas

Art by Terry_Grimm [General Audiences][Fluff][Humour][Christmas] It’s Christmastime and Judy can’t go home. Thankfully a certain fox is there to help her Christmas Eve be merry despite it all. This fic is as fluffy as freshly falling snow with an ending […]

Days of Change

Story: Days of Change

Art by ChaoRA [General Audiences][AU][Family] We’ve had takes on Funnies and Boxes in the past, but none quite as unique as this. As Nick and Judy are blessed with a bunch of kits more whose appearance would be more familiar […]

Broken Clockwork

Story: Broken Clockwork

Art by 稀眞 [Rating Mature][Crime][Romance] Some mammals have a brother from another mother, and in this fic Nick certainly has an intriguing one, the two sharing a battle hardened bond and a colourful past. This fic balances fluff and family […]

World War Zoo

Story: World War Zoo

Art by 0l-fox-0l [Mature][Hurt/Comfort][Angst] War is hell, and sometimes not even our favourite bunny and fox can escape it. Not a fic for the faint hearted, this is one that sugar coats nothing… But may end on a final note […]


Story: Small

Art by Dravening [Rating T13][Slice of Life] Zootopia has mammals large and small, and in this soft burning drama series WillyPilgrim shows our familiar world through the eyes of one of its smallest residents. Liam Ratowice is a regular rat […]

Savage Force

Story: Savage Force (AU)

Art by AnsemD [Rating T][Sci-Fi][Adventure] A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a young Jedi bunny meets a mysterious fox who left her order. Put together into a cross galaxy investigation against mysterious goings on, light sabers […]

Story: Blindsided

Story: Blindsided

  [Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Drama] It may have been dreamed up as an alternative version of Borba’s (in)famous comic, but the similarities end there. Judy’s pregnant, and the story takes a turn for the lighter compared to its source material. Two chapters […]