Story: Safety in Your Whiskers

Art by MaryMewt


A classic hustle follows a time-honed recipe. Fennec fakes emotional distress. Fennec gets otter to take sympathy. Fennec wings a free meal from otter! Fennec then thinks he has feelings for Ott… -Wait, that’s not how it’s supposed to go! Abort! Abort!

With everyone’s favourite mini-fox from the movie, everyone’s favourite Otterly adorable waitress from Z-Plus, and fun new OC’s as well, Lemon has given us this cute and fluffy tale that’s sure to please the fans. -OH_Shoot

Author: LemonWrote

Description : “”Finnick was a very clever mammal. He successfully conned an otter into giving him free food. He felt pretty good about his success. Surely this won’t bring unexpected circumstances that alter the course of his life as he once knew it. Surely not.””

Safety in Your Whiskers
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