Story: Just One Bite

Art by Rose Anon


All Hallows Eve shall soon be among us, and here at ZNN we’re celebrating with a SpOooKy WeeKeNd leading up to the big night. Three fics to fancy those looking for a good fright, and we’re starting off with a fic with a little bite.

It’s the end of the world as we knew it, Zootopia is now ruled by hordes of Zombies. Only a few survivors remain and they have to handle life threatening situations. Nick is still alive and will soon discover that something about these Zombies is strange. Will our sly fox be able to survive the apocalypse in one piece?

Grab yourself a spooky drink and get comfortable because there’s only one way to find out. ” ~Dusty

Author: Carrier_of_Heartbreak

Description : In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, only a few survivors remain unturned. Nick finds himself trapped in his own apartment and has to defend against his favorite undead bunny, who spends all hours of the day trying to find a way in to see him. She swears she’ll just take a nibble. For realsies. Binky promise.

Just One Bite

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Additional Tags: You better run… The zombies hungry and they’re coming for you!