Story: New Instincts

Art by Ruffu

[Rating 13+][Action/Adventure][Mystery]

So here’s a really well written sequel to all of our favorite movie! We’ve got drug busts, and political fights, and scandals, and romance. And it’s all extremely well written on top of it all! I absolutely love how Nick and Judy are written, and the OC characters truly feel like they could have come straight from the world of Zootopia. It’s a very well done story, and I personally can’t wait for more! ~GorganCM

Author: FearlessFreep

Description :
Zootopia has a new drug. The mayor has a new opponent. Nick and Judy have new feelings. What instincts do you trust when everything around you is changing?

New Instincts

Additional Tags: “Look Bryon, the script is written for a sequel!”