Zootopia: Temporal Investigation Department

Art by Giftheck

[Rating T13][Sci-Fi][Drama]

You don’t need to be a German with a silly moustache to know that lots of people from the future going back in time can get quite annoying. Well, after a few previous Zootopia stories featuring time travel, it seems agents Jack and Skye have clocked on to it. Set up with a new department, Giftheck has Zootopia’s second best dynamic duo get together a team and intercept those coming back to their time, be their motives good, bad or just greedy. With a good roster of interesting adventures so far and plenty more planned, you don’t need your future self to tell you to give it a go. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Giftheck

Description : “”Six months have passed since the ‘Children of Janus’ incident. Jack Savage leads the Temporal Investigation Department, investigating time-related cases with the help of his new team.””

Zootopia: Temporal Investigation Department

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Additional Tags: “Timey wimey… Back from the future!”


  1. Ensign Brad Boimler was feeling the consequences of a malfunctioning transporter in 2380 when Doctor T’Ana told him that she had called Division 14.

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