Kitsunegari: Rewritten

Art by Aar0njay

[Rating T13][DOES NOT COMPUTE][ERR…..]

What is art? What is story? What is our perception of reality, and the lines of power drawn in the sand. A long time ago we featured Kitsunegari, a fic that put us in the eyes of a vulpine OC caught up in the upheaval of the Savage Summer. Now completely rewritten in a uniquely discordant, inspired by music train of thoughts style, and in many cases breaking any conventions of writing as you know it… The new Kitsunegari is a fic like no other, of strife and love and the terror of living on the edge as society collapses and the battle lines are drawn. Emotional, thrilling, gut wrenching and above all else fantastically, fantastically weird. And certainly one to try or re-try out. ~OH_Shoot

Author: 83j049733rfe4

Description : “”The definition remains without meaning 2015 was back where arms on a clock were only like words in dictionaries What was or will be aren’t the same as Here
From where the impossible makes flight
A moment stretching out and forever as Now
They call it The Savage Summer
That effort to make what never was
How cowardice lost as it ever will
Strength consumed and always has
If power can’t rest from reinforcing the lie to never ring true
Against the bravery to manifest destiny from weakness and in spite of all
When we were never higher than while the past came back to try and reason
But I’m not done
Don’t ration
We’ll never be
Just realize
We learned what was ours
You won’t even know how hard
What can only be felt
Don’t ask me, how (Ask Andrew)
But I’ll tell the truth’s narrative
And I’ll take you back then:””


Additional Tags: “They heard me singing and they told me to stop. “

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