Story: First in, Last out.

Art by the Author


ZPD, heroes of the city, always ready to charge into the worst situation against all odds and save the day. Happily ever after… -right? This is this what Boney, in his sequel to Ready or Not, sets to answer when, after a shocking city disaster, the characters we know and love don’t find themselves at the end of a dramatic action packed story, but rather at the start of a deep brooding drama that brilliantly follows how they react and cope with such an event. From facing up to a hollow heroism to the increasing webs of blame and conspiracy as a city hungry for truth or justice pits loyalties against each other, all interspersed with the mundane day to day operations of the new ZPD minor crimes division, this gripping, gritty and heartfelt story excellently fills in the spaces most other stories just skip clean past. Knowing how to linger on the moments unsaid and lingering what ifs, this excellent fic, with fantastic art as well, is certainly worth a try. -OH_Shoot

Author: Boney

Description : “The recently established ZPD Minor Crimes Division undergoes some first-year growing pains. Judy struggles to adapt to her new position in leadership while Nick inadvertently finds himself thrust into the limelight following an unwitting bout of heroics.”

First in – Last out.

Additional Tags: “Boy, you gotta carry that weight. Carry that weight, a long time.”


  1. I love this series. I cannot express how good this writing is. Read Ready or Not, then come back. Incredible!

  2. So glad this one’s getting more attention. It deserves even more. The writing for this and its predecessor are so good. Ready or Not is what got me sucked into this fandom. You all should cover more fics!

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