Story: Fireflies

Art by AaronJay

[Rating T+][Humour][Mystery]

“I hope everyone is wearing some hiking shoes because we´re about to walk right into Fireflies, the last part of Bluelighthouse´s Firewatch series. Huge forests, large waterfalls and crystal blue lakes, welcome to Zootopia´s largest national park. A beautiful recreation area and the workplace of brave fire lookouts and park rangers to keep the park safe. We´ve talked enough about the park, it´s about time to pack your backpack and accompany Nick Wilde on his adventure in the wilderness. -Dusty”

Author: Bluelighthouse

Description :
“The final installment to the Zootopia: Firewatch series. Judy and Nick continue the search for the missing ranger only to stumble upon one of the Parks Department’s oldest mysteries. Can they solve an old campfire story in order to save their friend?”


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Additional Tags: “Escape from life; join the Firewatch!”

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