Fanfic: Someone special in Zootopia

Art by Author

[Rating T13][Friendship][Drama]

Nick and Judy have a new case but they soon find something no one in Zootopia has ever seen before. Voleitor shows us an interesting format of a selfmade crossover with unique characters as well as already known mammals. “Someone special in Zootopia” is an interesting adventure to read and worth a look. ~Dusty

Author: Voleitor

Description : “Someone new arrived at the city of Zootopia. But he’s not just anybody else, he mysteriously came from another place and only to preserve the peace in Zootopia.

The adventures arrive, it’s a new character that’s quite different from what has been seen already, endearing but who will give everything for who this character appreciates. Nick and Judy are surprised when they find him.”

Someone special in Zootopia

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Additional Tags: “What the fluff…. Who is this mammal?”