Story: ZPD: Badges & Beloved

Art by the Author


The ZPD. Zootopia Partnering up division? Well, certainly seems like it in this story. Clawhauser will be working overtime at the ZPD betting pool, as Abendfalki gives us fluffy ships after fluffy ships. Mega fluff and melodrama abound, in a sickly sweet story of love, partnerships, and industrial scale shipping of characters canon and OC. Those of you who know what you like and like what you see here would be foolish not to give it a shot. -OH_Shoot

Author: Abendfalki

Description : “Zootopia, carried forward from the end as Judy and Nick are now working on the force. These are the stories, the friendships, the love, the hate, the passion, and the controversy of the officers and civilians whose lives are tied together through the ZPD. (Zootopia Police Department).”

ZPD: Badges & Beloved.

Additional Tags: “Shipping forecast? ALL PAWS ON DECK!”