Art of the Day #98: Hoppy Easter!

おはよう。さあ世界をより良くしましょう! by @ahiru621 Source [1] Happy (belated) Easter! The day we remember Jesus’ resurrection! …by dying eggs weird colored patterns and celebrate how rabbits are, as Judy says, “good at multiplying”. There’s also chocolate involved. I get the symbolism of […]


Story: Ozzie’s Auto Repair

Art: Roahm Mythril [Rating K9][Humor][Slice of Life][Crossover] An enjoyable and very creative premise for a crossover story. With a large cast of Zootopified Disney characters, this work covers a wide array of antics and capers that Ozzie and his friends […]


Story: Partners: Revisited

Art: miCheong [Rating T13][Friendship][Romance][Fluff][Complete] For fans of Kittah4’s highly entertaining Partners saga, here’s a treat for you! This is a stellar revamp/remix of one of the earlier parts of this popular series that delves more into Nick and Judy’s romantic […]


Story: Primal Instincts

Art: Starfang’s Secrets [Rating T13][Romance][Drama][One-shot] Primal instincts is written as a “what if Nick went savage” story with a twist, especially when dealing with Nick’s “condition.” I really enjoyed the different take on Nick’s “savagery,” which brings a new idea […]