Art of the Day #98: Hoppy Easter!

おはよう。さあ世界をより良くしましょう! by @ahiru621
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Happy (belated) Easter! The day we remember Jesus’ resurrection! …by dying eggs weird colored patterns and celebrate how rabbits are, as Judy says, “good at multiplying”. There’s also chocolate involved.

I get the symbolism of the eggs being like the tomb or conquering death but its still kind of a strange tradition if you stop and think about it. It really stinks if you use real eggs for your Easter egg hunts and forget a few.

Either way, however you may have celebrated the holiday yesterday, we have some Easter art for you! Because now Disney has the perfect character to put on Easter things!

Get your art after the break!

Judy Hopps, Happy Easter! by Teresa-Tsareena
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Happy Easter 2017 by Ruffu
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Easter Card 2017 1, Side A by Avionscreator
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Hoppy Easter! 2016 by Pen-Mark
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Happy Easter From the ZPD by KendallCollins
Source [6]

Happy Easter by icbeth
Source [7]

イースター by 陽
Source [8]

ハッピーイースター! by 犬耳もえ太
Source [9]

ディズニーイースター by ぎどら
Source [10]

うさたまみーつけたっ! by 恢李-カイリ-
Source [11]

ニクジュディイースター!! by えずみ
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ニクジュディイースター!! by えずみ
Source [13]

Happy Easter! by skeletonguys-and-ragdolls
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Happy Easter by ittybittykittytittys
Source [15]

Happy Easter! by trashasaurusrex
Source [16]

Easter Judy by Tsukasa009
Source [17]

Happy Easter by nik159
Source [18]

Yep. by Juindalo
Source [19]

Easter Hunt by johnmigleart
Source [20]


  1. Eggs and rabbits as symbols of the Easter holiday have nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus, nor any specifically Christian beliefs in general. They're far older symbols of spring-time renewal, rebirth, and fertility. Much like evergreen trees, wreaths, mistletoe, etc. for Christmas, they have their origins in pre-Christian pagan traditions and festivals, and were eventually co-opted and "ret-conned" in some cases as Christianity became a more dominant religion over time.

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