Comic: What Fills the Gap (by ittybittykittytittys)

Hello again everyone! It’s Fonzi, and I’m here to talk about this great comic by IttyBittyKittyTittys!

“What Fills The Gap” is one of those comics that you’ll read, and either totally understand on the first run though… or you’ll be like me and have to read through it a few times to fully understand what’s happening.

But man…. when you do fully understand it… it hits you.

There’s a song to go with it, as well as an exact time stamp of the lyrics that were used from the song in the comic. Specifically, the song is “What Fills the Gap” by Will Cady, and the comic picks up at 3:31.

Check it out after the break!


    • Okay, so I'm not the author and thus cannot say whether I am correct, but let me try to explain what I thought this meant when I first read it:

      "There's no point in just sustaining bliss". Ignore this line for now, we'll get back to it.

      Now, let's suppose you have full control over every aspect of your dreams every night, and every night you dream you live for a full lifetime. The first lives you would live would be ones of pure extravagance and self-indulgence, living out PERFECT fantasies of achievements and wealth and happiness (etc). We see this depicted in the comic with images of climbing a mountain… a happy family… wealth… standing on a stage with a big crowd…

      But "There's no point in just sustaining bliss". After reliving these dreams over and over and over again, eventually they become old. They become stale. They become hollow. You live your life during the day, and the night becomes an impossible world with no real meaning. These perfect fantasies mean nothing to you. There is no effort. There is no risk. There is no reward.

      "Now Let's Have a Surprise". So you start to dream more elaborate lives, with danger and intrigue. Impossible dreams… exciting dreams… dramatic dreams. These get wilder and wilder. We see this depicted in comic form with images such as a wild-west sheriff, a gambler, a spy thriller (with a cameo by Jack Savage)… even the shock collars from the original script!

      But again, there is no point in just sustaining bliss.
      These lives become hollow, too. You are in full control of them. You can dream them in full confidence. As risky or unpredictable as you make it seem, the truth is the dream is anything but risky.

      So, finally, when all other dreams have become hollow, the last dream is the one life you never dared to dream about: The REAL dream. The most important dream.
      Daring to dream that maybe, just MAYBE, things will go right OUTSIDE of the dream. You dream about reality, where everything truly matters.
      And to Nick, that ultimate dream of things going right? The one dream so seemingly impossible that it was his final one? That dream was Judy coming back to him to apologize.

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