Story: Opal

Art: Ziegelzeig [Rating T13][Romance][Feels][One-shot] A real gem among romantic Zootopia one-shots, particularly those in the marriage proposal subgenre. With a sentimental backstory and a hearty amount of sincerity, this beautifully well done work delivers the goods when it comes to […]


Story: Traveling Alone

Art: Kristall004 [Rating T13][Fluff][Romance] I’m a sucker for a good story featuring Gideon Grey, and I’m always down for some high-octane WildeHopps fluff. This story delivers in spades. It’s a touching, funny, and charming look into the mind of our […]

Art of the day

Art of the Day XX – Simba Day

So today we’re celebrating something special, Simba the King Lion. A show written by the clearly great and talented Orlando Corradi, and directed by the wonderful Kim Jun Ok. words can’t even really describe this show fully, so instead, we’ll use images. That’s […]