Story: A Different Kind of Predator

Art: Ziegelzeig

[Rating M16][Romance][Crime][Suspense][Complete]

Follow our fox and rabbit as they deal with a diabolical new foe in this spine-chilling and unflinchingly brutal story where the stakes are high and not everything is as it seems. I was both creeped out and riveted by certain scenes due to how suspenseful they got, and the plot is skillfully paced to deliver some well-timed twists and revelations at the right moments. This is a crime story that’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in murder mysteries. Rated M for violence, brief gore, and implied sexual content. -DrummerMax64

Author: Lucario389

Description :
Four years have passed since the Nighthowler case, with Nick and Judy dating two of those years. They love each other more than anything and have finally moved in together. All is perfect until a killer shows up and leaves the victims skinned. Judy and Nick are thrown into a deadly game of of cat and mouse as they follow the clues left by him to challenge them both.

A Different Kind of Predator

Additional Tags: The predator within.


  1. Torn from your body, removed while you scream
    Dissect to collect my blade now reams
    Pieces of flesh lie by the side
    Worn on my body or put on display

    You mark your skin it gives you pleasure
    I take your precious art, it becomes my leather

    Taking your hide before you have died

    Decency defied

    -Decency Defied by Cannibal Corpse

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