EPIC dub of Mead’s comic “The Darkest Places”

Gif adaptation of this iconic panel by Danny Grey
Voice Acting can make a world of difference to a story.  It can make characters come to life in ways you never imagined.  It adds a whole new depth to the presentation of a work of art, be it humorous, somber, or intense.
And if you take something that’s already intense… oh boy.  It’s a treat.

CaptainWilde, who did just that with Sunderance, is here to do the same with the comic “The Darkest Places” by MisterMead.  Giving a voice to Jack Savage as he recounts the story of Skye to Judy (played by TableFable), this epic comic takes on new life in this video.
Check it out after the break!


  1. That was absolutely incredible! From the sound, to the voices, to the special effects… I am stunned at the quality of this. Really brings out the emotion of the comic.

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