How Nick and Judy Bond Through Humor – a video essay by IronicSnap

Right from the start, Zootopia is full of great comedy.  What starts as dramatic and tense turns out to be a children’s stage play, starring a very… overdramatic lead.

And it keeps going from there, in so many different ways and instances I can’t possibly cover them all in a short little introduction like this.  What’s most striking about the humor, though, is how it is used to strengthen and deepen the relationship between Nick and Judy, taking them from natural enemies to best friends.  And I’m not the only one who thinks this.

A lesser-known youtube reviewer by the name of IronicSnap made a video analyzing, in depth, how the comedy and humor helps to make Nick and Judy  one of the most realistic and dynamic duos in modern cinema.  He even throws in some jokes of his own into the video, which makes it all the better in my opinion.

Check out the video after the break, and go subscribe to him over on youtube!  Seriously, this guy is way better than his view and subscriber count would suggest.


  1. Can I use "Lesser-Known Youtube Reviewer" as an official quote in my channel description? πŸ˜›
    Joking aside, thank you so, SO much for the feature (and the kind words)! I'm a huge fan of the site and it feels so awesome to see something I made be posted here!

    • Wow, I mean wow….I really like your analysis and video! Thank you for this. You should be interviewed by a certain fox….
      Here is a question for you, if YOU were in Zootopia, what animal would you be?

    • Thanks a lot! Let the record show I would LOVE being invited to talk to ZNN – I thought the MisterMead interview was fantastic. It'd be a huge honour for me.
      As for your question: definitely some kind of cat. I've been a cat person my whole life. Seeing how I started my adventures in fandom because of a certain /other/ Disney movie, probably a lion. But, like, a scrawny lion, who spends too much time indoors πŸ˜›

  2. I've commented on the video, in Tumblr, and I'll comment once again here: This is a FUN but WELL-THOUGHT review.

    And I totally agree.

    Judy & Nick's relationship grew in a perfectly believable way. And that's the key word there: grew.

    And you, sir, nicely presented how the relationship grew, the bridge through which they reconciled their differences and became best friends.

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