Art of the Day #110

Come on Partner… by Neytirix Source [1] Hey everyone, Dominic Faux here! Today we’ve got some more great art for you all. Nothing special in the way of theme, but all around enjoyable arts. Get your art after the break! Dominic […]

Art of the day

Art of the Day XX – Simba Day

So today we’re celebrating something special, Simba the King Lion. A show written by the clearly great and talented Orlando Corradi, and directed by the wonderful Kim Jun Ok. words can’t even really describe this show fully, so instead, we’ll use images. That’s […]


Art of the Day #95

Zootopia Nick, Judy and Meloney. by sgtjack2016 Source [1] Hey there folks, Dominic Faux here. Today, we decided to give you all a non-themed art of the day post. There’s a lot of great pieces here, so we hope you […]


ZMV: Paradise

What better images to use for a song like Coldplay – Paradise than images of our own little bit of Paradise: Zootopia. Watch this awesome ZMV by KitsuKitx on YouTube or after the break!