Story: The (Not-So) Great Outdoors

Art: NeighborStudios

[Rating K9][Humor][Friendship]

From the writer of The Worst Connection comes the sequel to that fun and diverting story. Follow our duo as they venture out into the Burrows so that they can get some much needed time away from the city to relax and enjoy themselves. The author infuses a good amount of pleasantness and comedy into this work, and the familiar premise of Nick meeting the Hopps family is handled proficiently too. The plot is going to get mighty interesting very soon, so make sure to keep an eye on this one! – DrummerMax64

Author: radredknuxfan

Description :
After finally joining the ZPD, Nick suggests that he and Judy head out to Bunnyburrow thinking that he’ll have an easy time there. When awkward questions, hard work on the farm, and even a new case rear their ugly heads, though, what’s a city slicker to do when he’s so out of his element?

The (Not-so) Great Outdoors
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