The Savage Streets Project needs YOUR help!

Several months ago, we announced the commencement of an enormously ambitious project.  Titled “Savage Streets”, this team of dedicated fans have taken it upon themselves to tell their own stories set in the world of Zystopia (which, for those of you who are unfamiliar, means that the society of Zootopia is dominated by prey mammals, who force the predators to wear shock collars).

In that time, they have made a lot of progress, and hit a couple roadblocks, but after a brief hiatus, they are back and ready to work!  But they can’t do it alone.

To that end, the new Project Lead, known as Garbage Monster, has put out a call for more people who are willing to help make this project a reality!  They need Artists, Voice Actors/Actresses, Video Editors, Sound Engineers, and Writers to add to the already talented team!

And to prove to you that this project is fully back, the Savage Streets Team has released a short, work-in-progress animatic involving a wolf couple that’s trying to deal with the pressures of living with shock collars.  It’s a juicy first taste of a fantastic story, and we at ZNN are rooting for this project’s success!

If you would like to apply to help this team, you can find more information on the application process over on reddit!  This includes a link to the project’s Discord Server, but I strongly recommend reading the role requirements first.

Be sure and check that out, and take a look at the WIP animatic after the break!


  1. I would love to help with this thing, but the only things I could do are video editing (I'm not the best at it), and possibly voice acting (But I'd need to go buy a good mic).
    If you find you're really low on people, let me know. But otherwise, I'm excited for this thing.

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